Who Realizes Who? – The Sparx Way


Using requirements, use cases and features as suggested by Sparx Enterprise Architect help

In this approach we start with requirements, which are high-level descriptions of what a system should be capable of.
1. Requirement RQ1 says the system shall be able to display and export business reports.
2. Use case UC1 defines the interaction behavior of how the system is expected to conduct the activity of displaying reports. (Basic steps are on the note element.) This use case is said to realize the requirement of displaying and exporting business reports.
3. At the last analysis step, feature elements are defined to clarify and detail what functions and other characteristics the software will have to support the use case.


Professional with a vision
Gusztáv, the founder and manager of Imprestige Ltd. is an experienced Business Analyst, IT Consultant, Quality Assurance Specialist and Professional Translator, sharing his time between IT projects and translation/localization projects.

Committed to professionalism and quality, in his IT roles he is an evangelist of well-organized software development ensuring agility, productivity and outstanding ROI during the application lifecycle. He is also passionate for creating great user experiences and highly intuitive solutions.

As a translator, Gusztáv belongs to those stimulating and pioneering the creation of clearly speaking translations, realizing that intelligibility and concise phrasing is inevitable in order to enable vendors to exploit the values embedded in their solutions.

For a detailed resume and reference information, please visit: http://gusztav.janvari.name