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Privacy Statement

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This statement discusses the protection and handling of Your (the Visitor) information.

Imprestige Ltd. (hereinafter Imprestige) is committed to protect Your (the Visitors’) personal information. This Privacy Statement discusses the nature and practice of data collection applied to the website of Imprestige Ltd. (the Website) and the management of the collected information. This statement is not applicable for Imprestige web pages, services and products, which do not present this statement, nor contain a link to it, and neither for those presenting a different privacy statement.

1. Personal Information

1/a Collecting Personal Information

In order to provide certain services, the Website may ask for your personal information such as your name, phone number or e-mail address. Should you decline providing the requested information, you may be prevented from using those services. By using the services and providing your information, you accept the privacy policy and information management practice described in this statement.

Imprestige stores the personal information you provided in protected environment. Personal information may be accessed only by employees and partners for whom it is necessary, and only to the extent it is necessary to complete their duties. Imprestige stores the provided personal information in Hungary and thus its information management is governed by the Hungarian law.

Imprestige shall not be liable for illegal access to the managed information, provided that it acted in good faith and applied an adequate level of protection for securing sensitive data.

1/b Usage of Personal Information

Imprestige collects and uses personal information in order to operate and improve its websites, and to provision and provide the services you requested. The purpose of using the information may be, but is not limited to, providing more effective customer service, enabling easier use of Imprestige’s websites or services by eliminating the need to repeatedly enter the same information, supporting researches into and analysis of product and service improvement possibilities, and displaying content matching your interests and priorities.

Imprestige may initiate contact with you using the contact information you provided in order to clarify the information you provided or to answer your questions.

Imprestige will not contact you for advertising its products and services, unless your agreement to accept such communication may be assumed.

1/c Disclosing Your Personal Information

Imprestige will not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except for the legal issues described below. You may find that on certain web pages of the Website you may enable disclosure of your personal information to selected partners of Imprestige in order to receive product and service information regarding their business.

Imprestige may access and disclose your information if it is found to be necessary in order to: (a) comply with the applicable law or any legal issues regarding Imprestige Ltd. or the Website; (b) protect Imprestige’s properties (including forced execution of its agreements); (c) protect, in urgent cases, the audience of Imprestige’s services or the general public.

2. Technical Information

2/a Collection and Processing of Visitor Information

Imprestige collects technical information on its web pages about your web browsing habits (but limited to the web pages of Imprestige), and may record what pages you visited on Imprestige’s websites and which links you followed, how much time you spent on a page; and may record all of the information web browsers usually submit to any visited web page, including your computer’s IP address, browser brand, version and language settings, as well as the address of the web page leading you to the web pages of Imprestige.

Imprestige reserves the rights to use this information, by making you personally unidentifiable, as input in aggregated statistical processing to produce various reports.

2/b Using Cookies

The websites of Imprestige may use cookies to enable logging in to its web pages, aiding in the customization of the web pages and using various services. A cookie is a small text file placed on the hard drive of the visitor’s computer by the server hosting the given web page. Cookies contain information that may be read by servers belonging to the domain the server putting the cookie is a member of. Cookies are not capable to run programs or to introduce viruses or other threats to your computer.

It’s up to your decision whether you accept or decline cookies. Most of the web browsers automatically accept cookies, however usually it may be disabled in the given browser’s settings. Upon declining cookies, however, you may not be able to log in to or use the websites of Imprestige or its services requiring cookies.

2/c Fight Against Spam

Imprestige supports the fight against spam and does not send unwanted commercial e-mails to the visitors of its websites, and does not sell, rent or borrow the e-mail addresses submitted on its web pages to third parties.

3. Modifications of the Privacy Statement

To comply with the changes of legal regulations or to reflect visitor feedback, Imprestige may change this Privacy Statement time to time. Should such a modification take place, the date after the label “Last Update” found at the beginning or end of the statement will be modified accordingly.

Imprestige reserves the rights to make modifications to this statement without prior or posterior notification.

Last Update: March 6, 2010.