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Founded in 2009, the Hungarian company Imprestige Limited has become a stable and reliable long-term partner for a great amount of clients, while it also contributed successfully to lot of ad-hoc projects. We offer our services in two major areas:

  • IT Consulting Services. We help our clients in the various phases of the product and software development lifecycle, and also in implementing methods and QA apparatus related to those cycles. [Read more]
  • Professional Translation and other Linguistic Services. The other area we focus on, including services like software localization, professional translation, proofreading and unilingual copywriting, editing and stylizing. [Read more]

Our mission is to serve those clients who seek for masterpieces aligned with the productivity and efficiency needs of the competitive sector, and to stand by our clients’ side to join our forces in order to make great success stories.

Behind the Scenes

Gusztáv JÁNVÁRIGusztáv, the founder and manager of Imprestige Ltd. is an experienced Business Analyst, IT Consultant, Quality Assurance Specialist and Professional Translator, sharing his time between IT projects and translation/localization projects.

Committed to professionalism and quality, in his IT roles he is an evangelist of well-organized software development ensuring agility, productivity and outstanding ROI during the application lifecycle. He is also passionate for creating great user experiences and highly intuitive solutions.

As a translator, Gusztáv belongs to those stimulating and pioneering the creation of clearly speaking translations, realizing that intelligibility and concise phrasing is inevitable in order to enable vendors to exploit the values embedded in their solutions.

For a detailed resume and reference information, please visit: http://gusztav.janvari.name.

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